1. intoxicated, inebriated, inebriate, inebrious, bibacious, crapulent, crapulous; drunk, drunken, sodden, besotted, sottish, awash, Literary. in one's cups; under the influence, under the weather; grogged, Archaic. groggy, fuddled, muddled, obfuscated, woozy, bleary-eyed, pie-eyed, glassy-eyed; merry, happy, gay, jolly; maudlin.
2.All Inf. boozy, tight, lit, lit-up, lit to the gills, illuminated, liquored-up; half seas over, three or four sheets to the wind, under the sauce, off-color; pickled, lathered, high; mellow, with a jag on, feeling good, feeling no pain. See also drunk(def. 2).
3.All Sl. loaded, lubricated, oiled, well-oiled, stewed, tanked, Brit. pissed, Brit. bevied; primed, gassed, bombed, woozled; crocked, cocked, half-cocked, cockeyed, canned, potted. See also drunk(def. 3).

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